collaborations & custom designs &/or curated gift boxes

we love the idea of collaborating with like-minded creatives & clients! if you think we’d mesh well, reach out to us at

requirements to collaborate with new york & narrative:

  • custom orders start at a baseline of ten curated gift boxes & twenty-five units of flat-note greeting cards

  • have a clear vision & budget you’d like us to work with

  • note that we only use kosher food products in our curations

  • as we are also a stationery design studio, we only allow new york & narrative stationery products in our parcels

  • please keep in mind that whether or not you continue to work with us, a non-refundable stationery design consultation fee of $50.00 &/or a non-refundable curation consultation fee of $100.00 will be put in place; this amount must be paid before we continue

  • for custom orders exceeding the amount of twenty gift boxes, please notify us at least two months before your event, otherwise we cannot guarantee your shipping date

  • no matter the collaboration, our new york & narrative logo will be printed somewhere on your parcel or stationery (i.e. “in collaboration with new york & narrative”, “your logo x new york & narrative”, “new york & narrative for your logo”, etc.)

we look forward to working together & building a connection!

when will you be launching pre-curated gift boxes?

we have so much in store for you all! we plan to offer a few different options on our website in the coming months. if you think your product would work well within our curations, don’t hesitate to contact us at

do you ship outside of the united states?

at this time, we only ship within the united states. we are looking, however, into shipping to other countries in the future!